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John's Biography

Welcome to Free Dream Studios, Where dreams become a reality. Our Core Value as a Company are to propel our clients into new heights of greatness as they pursue their personal goals...We tell their stories. 

We do this through Innovation, We are always looking for new ways to add to the creative process. Technology, by staying up to date in an ever changing field we are able to give our clients the best possible product. And Education, by always being in a position to learn something new, we are able to teach others new and effective ways to engage their dream. 

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John Rinehart

Founder and Creative Director

My journey to express creativity inspired me to create a studio where People could come and see THEIR DREAM come to LIFE
— John Rinehart
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        I grew up on a ranch in Gonzales, Texas where I learned the value of hard work and how to be innovative in solving the day to day obstacles you face in ranch life. At the same time I was encouraged to be creative and explore the world.

        I have always loved film but it took me many years to choose it as a Career. My Drive To Find Different Ways To Express Creativity Has Taken Me Around The World. I Have Studied Abroad, Interned  And Apprenticed With Various People Who Are Accomplished In Their Fields, from music, to sound design, lighting, Photography and Cinematography . 

        My Journey to express creativity Inspired me to create a studio where people could come and see their dreams brought to life.    

       While Living In California We founded Free Dream Studios In 2008.  In 2009 I Met The Love Of My Life, Heidi. Together We Moved Back To Texas While Still Running Productions In California. We Decided To Start Another Branch Of Our Company Based Out Of Austin In 2012. 

        My Passion In The Film Industry Is To Capture People’s Hearts And Tell Their Story In A Unique And Creative Way enables your dreams to come True. 

- John Rinehart